If you’re considering adopting a guinea pig and can guinea pigs eat apples  to know what foods to stock up on, or even if you own a guinea pig and you’re unsure of what you can give your guinea to snack on, then this article will explain what and what foods are safe and what foods will do more harm than good.

You may find yourself asking the following questions.

– Am I feeding my pig something that could make him sick?
– Are there other foods in my house that would be great to feed my guinea?
– My pig is a fussy eater and won’t eat certain fruit or vegetables, what other foods are safe to try?

You can find the answers to these questions and a lot more information here. There are suggestions for different foods and kibble and hay that can make your guinea happy, based on personal experience as well. Pigs love fruit and vegetables just as much as us humans enjoy a bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets. This is great because fruit and vegetables are an important part of their diet and keep them happy and healthy.

Different guinea’s have different preferences, but generally they love to nibble on a variety of different fruits and vegetables. Carrots, peppers and dark lettuces are a huge hit. If your guinea is extra picky and won’t touch any fresh produce then it might be an idea to talk with your veterinarian about how you can get your vitamin C supplement, to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nourishment into your little friend.

Here is a list of some fruit and vegetables that pigs will particularly enjoy and that will give them the best nutritional benefits. Fruits are high in sugar so they may be better as a special treat, and avoid any sudden dietary changes until you know that your guinea pigs stomach can handle it.