Most people want to take out at least some kind of travel insurance when you go on holiday. There are many companies, including TopDog Insurance, that can provide you with an insurance policy for your next holiday or even the holidays you’ll take in the next year. But what is travel insurance What can it do for you? What kind of travel insurance policies are there? What kind of insurance policy will you need for your next holiday? And what other things do you need to be aware of when you search for an insurance policy for your next trip? And will that include some additional covers if you go on a special holiday? The land of insurance policies is not always transparent. Therefore, we want to tell you a bit more about the ins and outs of travel insurance. We’re no experts, but we will be able to give you a general idea of what travel insurance entails.


What is Travel Insurance?
Travel insurance is the insurance that covers you when you are on holiday. They cover you when you need medical attention or get into an accident while you are abroad. If something happens, they will cover the costs in the same way your UK health insurance does. But personal accident cover is not all this company entails. They also cover things such as lost or stolen luggage. So if your laptop or mobile phone is stolen, you can make a claim. Some policies also include cancellation cover. So if you have to cancel your holiday for some reason, they will give you at least a part of your money back.


Different Types of Travel Insurance
There are different types of travel insurance. The most popular one is single trip travel insurance. Single trip insurance is the kind of travel insurance that covers you for just one holiday. It’s a limited period that has been determined in advance. It’s a good option for when you go on holiday once or maybe twice a year. If you are a frequent traveller and/or have a family that goes on holiday separately, you can think about annual travel insurance. This insurance covers not just one trip. It covers all the holidays that you go on for an entire year. You can take out annual travel insurance for yourself or for your family in the same way you can take out a single trip insurance policy.


Additional Covers
For some trips, especially the ones containing risky sports, need an additional travel cover. Winter sports insurance is probably the cover that is most familiar. You’ll need this cover if you go on a winter sports holiday. Did you know that cruise holidays also require an additional cover? And, for some reason, golf holidays are also one of the holiday types that fall under an additional cover. It’s probably because skis and golf clubs can be quite expensive or the risk of injuries is greater than during a normal sightseeing holiday.


Medical Travel Insurance
Some insurance companies don’t accept you when you have a pre-existing medical condition. If that’s the case, you can opt for a company that offers an additional cover for medical conditions that are already present before the start of the policy.