Smartphones are without the need of a doubt what each contemporary person requires. This is thanks to the functions that they can manage making it less complicated even for corporations to be run right from the handsets. There are unique brands supplying phones with varied functionality. Huawei is one of the brands that have been manufacturing affordable yet high performing smartphones. Here’s a closer look at its capabilities of the Huawei P7.

The Craftsmanship

The Ascend P7 has a black sleek back that boasts of a 7 layer surface remedy. It features a micro pattern design that adds to its overall appeal and gives it a spin effect texture finish.

The phone is ultra slim standing at six.five mm in its thickness. Even with the slim size, it maintains an amazing functionality and features that are expected from any smartphone. It redefines the smartphone expertise from the outdoors all the way to the inside.

Huawei P7 has an indented power button important enhancing grasp and comfort throughout use. It is at the chassis middle producing navigation and viewing easy for all users.

The unibody bottom corners of the telephone develop a fluid and natural design and style. The inspiration is from a water drop spreading on the glass surface and it sets the smartphone apart. It creates a balanced fine curve that fits in the hand completely making it pleasurable to hold the phone.
The Camera

Huawei P7 provides an remarkable camera knowledge. It has an 8MP BSI front camera incorporated with a blue glass infrared sensor. The sensor enhances photo clarity hence minimizing object deformations and the usual purple fringing lots of users encounter when applying their smartphones.

It also has a 13MP rear camera which enables rich, unparalleled clear images indoors or at night with 1080p video recording. It also has a 720p playback to total the practical experience.

Other capabilities that make the camera incredible are the panorama Selfie feature. The Selfie function makes it achievable to create self portraits that are spectacular utilizing a wide panoramic background. The low light efficiency, ultra snapshot function and creative photo sharing and editing functions are some of the other capabilities that make the camera what it is.
The Network

The Ascend P7 phone enhances connectivity in 4G that is fast. Even so, it switches to 3G in areas where signal stability desires improvement or when battery energy desires to be saved. It makes the switch automatically amongst the networks. It also has a dual antenna to maximize responsiveness even in locations exactly where the signal is poor to make communication smooth and enjoyable all via.

The Battery

Huawei P7 has an ultra power saving mode which shuts phone functions that end up draining the battery. This tends to make it possible to get pleasure from calls and texts even when the battery is running low for up to 24 hours with a ten% standby charge. It also has a thermal gel cooling system which cuts on power loss and keeps the phone cool in hand especially with gaming apps that guzzle power. has remarkable characteristics and lots of astounding functionalities setting it apart from most smartphones in the market place. It is one of the greatest that the brand has come up beating a excellent number of competitors.