These days I would like to share about the youngster registration procedure in Thailand, how to bring your youngster back to Singapore and then how to finally register as a Singapore citizen to officially have a dual citizenship till 21 years old.

Correct right after the child is born, you will have to get a Birth Document from the hospital certifying that the kid is born at the hospital, who the parents are and facts relating to the new born. You will have to fill up a form with the parent’s detail and give it to the hospital ahead of they can approach this birth document. Type is in Thai but you can nonetheless create in English.

If Singapore citizenship application don’t recall wrongly, you will also have to give them a copy of you and your wife’s IC and marriage certificate. For me, I had my passport and marriage cert translated to Thai and got them certified at the Immigration Department so it is simple for the hospital to confirm my documents.

It need to take about 1 – 2 days to get the Birth Document from the hospital. If you are rushing for time, talk to the nurses nicely and they usually can assist to give it to you the next day.

With the Birth Document and the Residence Booklet (a tiny blue book which documents all the residents of a specific home, feel it is call Samut Baan), you will have to go to the district workplace (Am-per) to register the birth and get the Birth Certificate. If you do not have the Property Booklet at that point of time, you can still get the Birth Certificate but will have to resister the youngster to a house inside a month of the child’s birth. You will have to check with your wife which is the correct district office to go based on the place of resident.

It need to take about an hour or less, such as waiting time, to get the Birth Certificate. With this, You youngster is officially a Thai Citizen and you are also 1 step closer in bringing your youngster to Singapore and having his Singapore Citizenship.

I would advocate any individual carrying out this to get all needed documents ready so as not to waste time operating in and out of the hospital to get copies of the needed documents.