Rosenfeld is at present the chairwoman and TOP DOG of Kraft, she has experienced at least more than 20 years experience in the food and beverage industry. In 2005, Rosenfeld had worked for PepsiCo, and was appointed Chairwoman and Chief Professional Officer of Frito-Lay and focused on promoting nourishing, healthy products. In 08, she was in sixth place on The Wall Streets Journal’s “50 women to Watch” list, and now in 2011 takes the quantity 1 spot in Fortune’s twelve-monthly ranking of America’s leading businesswomen.Image result for desiree gruber

DuPont’s leader and CEO, Ellen Kullman, has the number 4 spot of the 55 Most Powerful Women list. Kullman’s career at DuPont started in 1988 as a marketing manager, and was appointed CEO last year. The girl is the first woman to acquire the company since they started 206 years ago in 1802. Kullman has moved up a spot on the list since she was named the 5th most powerful woman in both 2009 and the year 2010.

There are many meetings in Silicon Valley about innovation, technology, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. If one of the panelists or speakers is a woman, inevitably someone requests the question why there aren’t more women founders or even more start-up women¬†desiree gruber in technology and science. Whilst the quantity of women small business owners is more than 50 percent, the number of women founding fathers of hi-tech start-ups with the low single digits. What makes the hi-tech industry different?

Many studies have computed the numbers and percentages with this subject, but facts don’t tell the tales or give insightful reasons. Thinking back on numerous start-up companies I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with, only 2 percent to 7 per cent of the technical employees were women – not one had a woman as CTO, CSO, CIO, or Vice President of Engineering. Yet one CEO requested me some day why his start-up of 350 people couldn’t seem to be to entice more women engineers and programmers. It was great that he thought enough to ask problem, but his entire senior staff was men. I go to a lot of meetings whose target attendees are founders of start-ups. Generally, I am one of only a couple of women in the meeting.

One of the most crucial conditions for an trader to fund a start-up is the team. Typically the more senior positions a team member has held, the more credibility they has in the eye of the potential buyers. Women are common in the entry to middle level ranks of a corporation, but few women have the right experience to get funded. Being a women entrepreneur and starting a company is often the mid-point in a person’s career, maybe the part of the answer lies much earlier in the process.

There are many programs to encourage young women to enter career fields of science and technology, but look at the amount of women in mature technical positions. In 1989, only 15 percent of engineering bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women and 39 percent of the bachelor’s degrees conferred in science were to women. These types of are the women that needs to be seen in senior management positions today. Delving into the companies listed on a recent Forbes’ Leading 25 Hottest Tech Stocks, the statistics gathered on senior management teams revealed no woman held the CEO position, 13 percent of the senior administrators were women, and 1 ) 9 percent of the women senior managers held a technical position.