Removal of unwanted body hair has turn out to be mandatory according to the norms of contemporary society. Apart from and cosmetic reasons, there are a handful of other pertinent factors why hair removal has come to be critical. Principal causes for hair removal involve:

Social motives – By the presently accepted trends in society, unwanted body hair is considered a sign of an un-groomed individual. To be observed as socially acceptable, a particular person as a result requires to take away undesirable physique hair.

For sexual factors – A smooth silky skin is regarded as sexually eye-catching. Quite a few men and women thus get rid of body hair to attract members of the opposite sex. In addition to, removal of physique hair is deemed to be a sexual turn on.

For hygiene – Body hair is also removed for hygiene purpose. Physique hair holds germs and sweat and hence removal of physique hair from the armpits for instance prevents odor triggered by the bacteria generally trapped in the hair functioning in mixture with organic sweat. By removing physique hair for that reason, a individual feels and appears lot cleaner.

Hair removal procedures

Hair removal solutions can be broadly categorized as short-term and permanent strategies. Some of the popular approaches have been discussed below:

Temporary approaches of hair removal

Waxing – A typical technique of hair removal that includes application of thin layer of wax on to the skin and is then immediately removed employing a strip of paper or cloth. Final results last for 3-six weeks.

Sugaring – This is equivalent to waxing and can be completed quickly at property. Sugaring can be painful but also has longer lasting results than say, shaving or employing depilatory creams.

Threading – This strategy entails the use of twisted thread to pull out hair. Mainly used to take away hair from upper lips, forehead, and chin and also to shape eyebrows.

Use of depilatories – Hair removal creams and hair development inhibitor creams are applied over the skin and removed immediately after few minutes. The action of chemical dissolves the hair allowing it to be very easily brushed off the skin.

Epilators – A number of hand held electronic devices are accessible on the marketplace that aids to pull off undesirable hair from the physique.

Permanent procedures of hair removal

Electrolysis – This technique makes use of shortwave radio frequency to remove body hair permanently. This process is costly, painful, time consuming and functions well for persons with light skin and grey hair. Side effects involve dry skin, inflammation, scarring and danger of infection.

Laser – This system includes sending energy into the pigment of the hair shaft whereby the hair follicle gets damaged and the growth of new hair is inhibited permanently. This system is successful and well known, having said that it is expensive, painful and time consuming.

The efficacy of this process depends a lot on the medical doctor or beautician who is handling the therapy. Laser is fairly usually employed to take away hair from upper lip, chin, pubic hair, and also to define eyebrow shape.

About pubic hair removal

Several guys and women prefer to eliminate pubic hair for aesthetic or sexual motives. Pubic hair removal makes the genital location much more visible and accessible as the barrier of hair is removed. Several folks obtain smooth pubic region sexually attractive, though lots of folks prefer it for hygienic explanation.

Various solutions of pubic hair removal are offered currently. A particular person may perhaps pick out the most preferable approach depending on the discomfort threshold, price range and skin kind. Some of the popularly applied short-term approaches of pubic hair removal are shaving, waxing and use of depilatory creams. Men and females who wish to take away the pubic hair permanently make use of laser and electro-therapy devices.

Rio scan laser – permanent hair removal

The Rio scan laser is speedy emerging as a single of the most well-known hair removal approaches. The revolutionary device provides the convenience to get rid of undesirable physique hair from face, arms, legs, chest, back and even the pubic region permanently from the comfort of your home.

Rio scan laser emits laser beam deep on to the hair follicle and destroys it so the growth of new hair is prevented. Due to the fact you can use Rio scan laser on your personal, you will not need to have to pay the charge or a beautician or a medical doctor. Therefore this method is significantly cheaper when compared to the expense of regular laser therapy.