What is MaxTrax?
MaxTraxsthe ability to keep on moving. The minds behind MaxTrax identified a unique but universal need for a product that can assist vehicles throughout a multitude of tough conditions, including snow, sludge, mud, slush, sand, and gravel. When your tyres lose traction, they struggle to drive your vehicle and you can more than often find yourself bedded down to the chassis rails in the mess and going nowhere. MaxTrax is made from tough, resilient plastic that essentially acts as a portable traction surface in order to get your wheels driving rather than just spinning. This means that vehicle recovery and extraction becomes a one-person job, rather than needing outside assistance from an extra pair of hands, a winch, or a tow. What’s more, the MaxTrax units can then simply be packed up, stored away, and used again whenever needed.

MaxTrax Top Tips:
Here are the top tips for using your MaxTrax, as well as answering any questions you may have:

How to mount your MaxTrax externally –
If you are looking to store your MaxTrax externally, you can mount it on your rear spare wheel using a special MaxTrax harness. Similarly, you can use a special mounting pin set to mount your MaxTrax to a roof rack or bar on your vehicle. You will need MaxTrax mounts and accessories to externally mount your Max Trax.

How to know how many MaxTrax units you need –
Maxtrax are sold in pairs and this is the minimum required to attempt a recovery. Ideally, four units will make the job easier, as you can use one for each wheel. If you are using your vehicle in remote areas with tough conditions, then four units are recommended. This provides instant traction to all four wheels.

The top uses for MaxTrax
You can use a MaxTrax in any of the following ways:

• To get out of sand, mud, snow, slush, and gravel
• As a ramp
• As a bridge
• Turning a vehicle on a beach
• Climbing hills
• Extra traction
• Winch assist traction
• Track building
• Lifting a vehicle of an object
• As a shovel
• Levelling your camper or caravan

The types of different MaxTrax devices
The MaxTrax range includes the standard MaxTrax unit, MaxTrax Mini, MkII Recovery Tracks, and the MaxTrax XTREME. Kaon is the standard MkIIMaxtrax Recovery Tracks. For the most demanding and difficult recoveries, the MaxTrax XTREME, with its metal traction studs, would be the best choice for maximum traction.

MaxTrax performance in the mud – How does it work?
MaxTrax is designed to thrive in a number of different conditions, one of those being mud. It also works in snow, sand, slush, and gravel. All you have to do is remove enough mud from around you wheels after getting bogged to get the MaxTrax in front of the tyres. After you have done that, all you have to do is drive out. This is the same process for any of the above conditions and more.

MaxTrax performance in the snow – How does it work?
MaxTrax thrives in difficult conditions, which is why it is such a useful product to carry with you on all kinds of journeys. Snow is certainly one of the main conditions in which MaxTrax can prove extremely helpful, as many vehicles struggle in the winter periods. If your vehicle’s tires get bogged down in slow or that dreaded slush, simply clear enough of it away in order to get the MaxTrax in front of the tires and then simply drive away.

The types, sizes, and weights of vehicle a MaxTrax can cope with
MaxTrax may look like thin and brittle pieces of plastic, but they are in fact the result of years of design and research, making them far stronger than they look. MaxTrax says that their product can withstand the pressure from any standard 4×4 that weighs around the 3,500 kg mark. However, there have been various case studies and anecdotes of people using MaxTrax on vehicles far heavier, usually in light conditions such as sand where there is less pressure on the plastic. Expedition trucks like Unimogs, Hinos, and Fuso’s, as well as semi-trailers and garbage trucks, have been known to use MaxTrax successfully, with some of them weighing up to 6,000 kg. Since 2004, MaxTrax has been working to test and improve their products, using them in real-world situations on the likes of LandCruisers, Patrols, and even a five-tonne Coaster bus. The product range has also been extensively tested in laboratory conditions at the University of Queensland. MaxTrax took their product and forced a four-wheel-drive tyre onto it until it bent around said tyre. Once released, the MaxTrax always returned to its original shape. This is down to the polymer used in the creation of the MaxTrax, which is the same material used in things such as automatic weapons, military knives, and components for vehicles. The short story is that MaxTrax is certainly tough enough to get the job done!

How to avoid sun damage to your MaxTrax
MaxTrax thought of this and have included UV stabilisers within the product to ensure that they are not damaged by sun rays. However, the MaxTrax products can experience discolouration if left out in the sun permanently after a few years. They will also degrade at a faster rate if stored under the sun, as with any product. You can prolong their lives by storing them out of the sun’s rays whenever possible.

How to save space when storing your MaxTrax
Not only are MaxTrax designed to work perfectly when getting your vehicle out of some sticky situations, but the company has also spared a thought towards storage space. MaxTrax can be stacked together to save space when storing them. For example, one standard MaxTrax unit is 115 cm long, 33cm wide, and 7cm high. However, if you stack two MaxTrax units together, that height only increases an extra 1.5 cm. Two stacked together are 8.5 cm high, while four stacked on top of each other are 11.5 cm high. The MaxTrax minis are 65 cm long, 33 cm wide, and 7 cm high. These can also be stacked on top of each other or can fit under or on top of a standard MaxTrax unit.

How to carry your MaxTrax internally in your vehicle?
If you would like to store your MaxTrax within your vehicle, it is best to stack them up and place them into a carry bag. They can often do with a shake or being knocked on the ground to clean them and loosen any debris, however, the carry bag should ensure that no dirt or much gets into your vehicle.

Where can I check out or buy a set of MaxTrax?
KAON not only stock the MaxTrax units themselves, but also all the MaxTrax accessories and extras you could ever need, including racks, pins, MaxTrax mounts, plates, studs, replacement parts and more. Shop the full range of MaxTrax products online.