Samsung Galaxy A12 – a successful formula for a high performing smartphone. With all the features demanded by today’s youth, Samsung has put out this device. It is very convenient to use as it allows you to browse the internet while on the go. The price tag alone should convince you of its value. Check out our review on the Samsung Galaxy A12 and see how much we love it.

Looks And Features: The design of the Samsung Galaxy A12 gives it an appealing look. This phone comes in a glossy black finish. The large LCD screen ensures that you view your favorite movies and games in a bright and clear format. And because this phone has a long-lasting battery, you can enjoy web surfing for hours without having to worry about changing batteries.

Customer Service: A smartPay feature helps you pay your phone monthly payment plan without having to reveal your credit card number. Once you sign up for a new account, a smartPay option will appear on the homepage. Just tap on it and a complete breakdown of your payments will appear on your screen. You can make adjustments or cancellations at any time.

Long-Term Service Plan: Samsung Galaxy A12 offers a long-term service plan, which is ideal for those who intend to buy this phone more than a year from now. This service plan provides coverage for one year. Although it sounds great, you should take note that it does not offer any free gifts. Your subscription fee is charged on a month-by-month basis.

Extras: SmartPay can be used as a gift to your friends. Simply text ‘buy Samsung Galaxy A12’ to your friend’s mobile number and you’ll instantly receive a code. Then, select the code when purchasing the phone. Free accessories are also available for smartpay members including Samsung cradle, wallpapers, games, and memory cards.

Aside from these benefits, there are also some other things you can enjoy once you sign up for a long-term Samsung Galaxy A12 service plan. Aside from the long-term plan, you get free gifts such as the popular stylus, a free headset, free data, free accessories, and free entertainment software. This is all for an easy and hassle-free payment. Isn’t it great?

Value: The Samsung Galaxy A12 is an excellent phone to have. It gives you everything you need in a phone. You get a big screen with high resolution and a fast processor. You get a lot of memory space with the microSD card. You get a powerful camera with lots of features. You get a fast shutter speed so your pictures turn out really good.

With a long-term contract with a Samsung Galaxy A12, you will never be disappointed. You will always get what you pay for. If you think that you might want to change the company in the future, that is also possible. You can cancel your long-term service plan at any time. Enjoy your new Samsung! Samsung Galaxy A12