Most of us believe that when a cat scratches objects utilizing his front paws, he is really sharpening his claws. What we will not know is that this is just a secondary reason. A study on cat actions indicates that communication is a major purpose why a cat scratches. By roughing up the leg of your pricey chair or a tree bark, the cat is actually informing other cats or other people exactly where he is and what he is up to.

Cats are likely to decide on to scratch some conspicuous objects about them this sort of as fence put up, trees, corner of the couch, leg of the chair, and so on. and continuously return to them. No ponder the tree subsequent door was so scratched up and your cat was always on the couch on your own. They leave a obvious mark on the scratch surface area so that it can be simply observed by people and other cats. Furthermore, cat’s paws have scent glands. This means that they depart odor cues on the scratching put up so that other cats will know the place they are.

We never have any concept what cats are making an attempt to converse with their scratching. Equally woman and male cats do it each within and outside your property and even when your cat is the only cat in the region. Could it be a territorial warning or is it an announcement that a cat lives below fortunately? Your cat scratches really often but will not worry, he is not becoming harmful, he is also not striving to spite you, instead he is striving to communicate.

If this is the situation, can you do everything about it? Of program you can! You have to build great scratching behavior in your cat so that the following time you see your cat scratches one thing, it is no for a longer time your preferred chair or couch. Read through on and discover some pointers for developing a good scratching routine in your cat:

1.Try putting many scratching posts in 3 or four regions where your cat scratches most usually. You can area these scratching posts around his sleeping spot or in places exactly where your cat typically rests and performs.

two.As an alternative of getting scratching objects, why do not you just make them even so, you have to make sure that the scratching floor is made of fabric so it is less difficult for your cat to shred.

three.Never pressure your cat to scratch the scratching item you manufactured by putting his paws on the object.
Wait and be affected person until finally your cat scratches the submit by himself.

4.Do inspire your cat to use the scratching post by taking part in in close proximity to the publish, putting some dangle-toys on it, making use of catnip to scent the put up, praising and supplying rewards each time the cat scratches the publish or even by scratching the submit by your self to inspire and promote your cat to scratch it.

For older cats that have already created scratching problem:

one. Cover cat tree broken scratching region with thick plastic or cloth so that your cat will come to feel it’s a various object and will not be tempted to scratch it.

2. Area the scratching post near the broken spot and make sure you cover it with something your cat would find appealing like free-weaved material or knubby textures.

three. If you discover that your cat scratches frequently in prominent locations of your home, you may possibly briefly area the new scratching post in that spot.

Hold this in thoughts – most cats can be educated, taught, or retrained not to damage factors inside of or exterior the property. If the concepts talked about over do not take care of your dilemma, consult your veterinarian and question details about an animal behaviorist. If everything fails, you might go to very last vacation resort which is declawing.