Not only will a brand new paint job to the wood cabinets help to increase the appeal associated with prospective property buyers, nonetheless it can actually add to the particular atmosphere of the room. If you are fatigued of the equivalent old finish, grab your paint and brush and arrive on in! In this article, we will description things to getting the wood cabinets you’ve always dreamed of.

Prep Job

Step 1 – Unhinge the units with the aid of an electric screwdriver and place the hinges in the secure place. If you’ll end up being replacing the hinges during the job, it’s a great idea to in least keep one regarding reference.

2 — Remove any knobs and metal fixtures from the area and store all of them as well.

Step 3 – Sand your surface to be able to remove the current finish. Paint offers a rough period sticking to smooth areas. Give that something to adhere to. Be sure to sand within the direction associated with the grain within order to steer clear of any unnecessary chafes.

Step 4 – Once your surface is completely sanded, clean your cupboards with warm normal water. Dust will simply prevent the paint through sticking, so become sure to remove your areas properly. Allow time to be able to dry.


Action 1 – Discover youself to be an old drop cloth and lay down in around the particular area you can be functioning. Start by priming the surface together with a disposable clean with 2 to 3 coats, always relocating the particular direction of the grain. Once the base has been used, allow the surface in order to dry overnight.

Action 2 – The next day, begin adding the paint to typically the cabinets. ALWAYS MANEUVER IN THE COURSE OF THE FEED. Employ the make use of of a color roller and comb to cover typically the majority of the area. Also end up being sure to strapping any areas round the cabinets that an individual don’t wish to color. Painters tape might be purchased from most hardware shops. Apply two clothes to start and allow to dry.

Woodmaster Cabinets 3 – Do the process to the cabinet angles and drawers. Enable a period of at least a couple of days to before returning these to their place.

Step 4 : If you will be purchasing new hardware, occurs old hardware in order to dimensions, and even install once acquired. If you plan on using older hardware, you may clean it is going to cleaning soap and hot water. Turn out to be sure only in order to attach these parts once paint features dried completely.