Because I have listened to my body and I actually corrected hypoglycemia and physical cravings for alcohol through diet. The very best diet for the alcoholic, diabetic, hypoglycemic is a whole grain diet.Image result for ALCOHOLISM

Here is how it works: The alcoholic literally craves his first few refreshments of alcohol just for the sugar aspect of it. (If there is not any alcohol around, he will probably gorge out on sugars foods to curb his addiction). Once the alcoholic has had his first few drinks it depresses blood sugar levels even more (the pancreas is too overloaded to do its job efficiently)! Thus the alcoholic craves even more sugar to proper this low blood sugar state and the vicious period continues. Brain cells demand more alcohol to change the lack of sugar. Therefore, the alcoholic craves alcohol consumption.

I will be a recovered alcoholic of fifteen years and I have done considerable research into the effects of alcoholism on the body and can safely inform you that once diet is improved and hypoglycemia treated through proper diet, the physical habit for alcohol will subside. When I was an alcoholic/hypoglycemic I would eat candy and drink Pepsi all day if I did not have access to alcohol Clínica de Reabilitação. I was an emotional basket case.

Most alcoholics have a difficult time managing their feelings or understanding fact. I truly thought I could not cope with life unless I was consuming. I was scared to death to stop consuming! And in a way this is very true for the alcoholic/hypoglycemic since they are so vitamin deficient that their brain works in puzzling ways. It can be a confusing, anxious, and anxious time for the alcoholic when they first get sober… until they commence to manage their diet! Unless the alcoholic changes their eating routine they will never stay sober because the physical dependency to alcohol is the craving aspect of dependency. If you’ve ever been addicted to cigarettes than you really know what I’m talking about.

Alcohol is the alcoholics closest friend and losing their best friend may mean they will never be able to cope with life on life’s terms. Of course, the truth is all alcoholics who become truly sober (not dry drunk) emotionally, literally, mentally and spiritually will look back on their alcoholic days and chuckle because they truly can live without alcohol rather than CRAVE ALCOHOL OR GLUCOSE EVER AGAIN! Once diet is corrected and the alcoholic is sober for at least six months he could commence to realize he can function just fine without alcohol.

Why really does alcohol affect our spirituality? Alcohol for the alcoholic controls the mind. For the alcoholic “getting a fix” consumes and controls every aspect of their life. Even working alcoholics while at work are consumed with approaching home or going to the bar and possessing a drink twenty or more times a day. Presently there is no time in the thoughts for spiritual techniques.

Although I can say that once the intoxicating realizes they do have a drinking problem they are more inclined to reach out to God for the help they need. But that certainly doesn’t mean they will all of a abrupt be fixed of dependancy. No. When you have figured out this far, alcoholism is a physical and emotional affliction also, and all parts of alcoholism NEED TO BE ABLE TO BE HEALED ahead of the alcoholic is safely healed from the cravings of alcohol consumption.