Golden Retriever Health – Keys to a Long Life

Golden Retrievers are known to be very sweet and good natured dogs. They are great additions to a family setting and there are certain things that you can do at home to keep them healthy, happy, and active. The average life span for a Golden Retriever is 10 to 14 years and to keep them around for as long as possible you should ensure that you are doing how to stop golden retriever shedding that you can.

The weight of the dog is very important. There are serious health conditions that come about when a dog is overweight. This includes arthritis and heart troubles. If you take your Golden Retriever out for walks on a frequent basis and allow them time to run about in a fenced in area they will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Some of the more common health concerns with this breed of dog are allergies, congenital heart disease, elbow and hip dysplasia, thyroid disorders, and cataracts. You should take some time to read about what preventative measures you can take to keep them healthy and away from some of these health conditions.

Golden Retrievers shed all year round. This means that you will need to brush them out on a weekly basis. This will keep their coat cleaner and less matted. They do have longer hair so if you do not keep them brushed out it can lead to knots in the fur that, if they are close to the skin, can lead to an irritation on the skin or an open wound.

This breed of dog does not need to be bathed very frequently. Keeping them clean is important but excessive bathing can lead to dry skin and other skin irritations. The grooming does not need to be done at a groomer. It can be done at home so the expense is not too great. Just keep some dog shampoo on hand and take the time that is needed to get them clean.

The dog’s nails will need to be trimmed every month. When a dogs nails are too long it can lead to problems with their feet. It can easily be avoided if you keep a pair of dog nail trimmers at home. You should begin trimming their nails when they are puppies so they will get used to people messing with their feet. Some dogs are sensitive on their feet so getting them used to having their nails trimmed early is a really great idea.

Some Golden Retrievers have trouble with their anal expressions. The local vet can help with this if it becomes a problem. There are certain signs that could mean that your dog may be having problems in this area. If you see them dragging their bottom across the floor on a regular basis then it is a good idea to get this checked out by the veterinarian.

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