Every person is captivated by these adorable and cuddly little black and white creatures with the raccoon looking eyes. Your initial impulse is to say how cute they are. A bear was far more than probably your very first stuffed animal. Possibly you have been lucky sufficient to have a stuffed Panda bear. I often beloved them.

The 1st pair of Giant pandas came to Washington DC in 1972 and tens of millions upon tens of millions of site visitors arrived to see them. We experienced Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing (Shing Shing) for a lot of a long time till their fatalities. Hsing Hsing, the male, died in 1999, Ling Ling in 1992.

It was just wonderful, there was these kinds of an outpouring of emotion. So a lot of cards and letters of condolence arrived from everywhere. The letters were not just from young children. It was so thrilling to have experienced them correct there in our zoo.

Proper away, the Smithsonian and National Zoo officials negotiated with the Chinese to get two more pandas below in DC. Mei Xiang (pronounced May possibly Jong) and Tian Tian (pronounced Tee en Tee en) arrived at the stop of 2000 and went on community see in January of 2001. They have been a joy to view ever because. They are on mortgage from the Chinese govt.

Of course, below in the District of Columbia, we are constantly held up-to-date details about when the pandas can mate. We get the blow-by-blow from the zoo veterinarians. So soon after possessing been by way of the five miscarriages of Ling Ling, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed the new panda baby boy of Mei Xiang to the nation in July, 2005.

We waited a lot of months prior to he could have visitors. A newborn cub weighs only 3 to 5 ounces and is about the dimensions of a adhere of butter. Tai Shan was pink, hairless, blind and really weak. He went on community see in December of 2005 and weighed about 23 lbs. Now, in September of 2008, he weighs about 200 pounds.

In the course of the Beijing Olympics very last thirty day period, I was intrigued to hear the report about the pandas caught in the earthquake that struck China in May possibly. At that time, hundreds of huge pandas had to be rescued as the Chinese Earthquake devastated their breeding grounds.

Many of the pandas ended up found shaking and clinging to trees. They ended up taken to the zoo in Beijing in which they ended up to have arrived afterwards to coincide with the Olympics. kid presents endured these kinds of trauma that they have to be watched each night time. They would not try to eat so they experienced to get and still get psychological assist from their keepers to relaxed them when needed.

There are only about a hundred pandas in zoos close to the entire world. Chinese officials stated that the last 1,590 pandas residing in the wild encounter a quite unsure potential following the earthquake. There is also problem that their bamboo supply may have been impacted by the earthquake.

In the meantime, some of the rescued pandas, all two years aged, are offering the crowds at the Beijing zoo a treat as they adhere to their keepers close to while recovering from their ordeal.

The giant pandas at the National Zoo also give excellent satisfaction to the visitors despite the fact that they will not do a lot except snooze and eat whilst lying close to looking like a sofa potato as they munch bamboo. Examine out the Panda Cam to see their pursuits.