The severe statistics of Pharma research and development are, that only 30% of drugs in development will actually make it throughout an often over eight yr development process, to be an income producing product. Using the average Pharma R&D job costing over half a billion dollars (everything is measured in dollars in the Pharma industry), that means that on average, to produce one earnings making drug, you need to get US$1. 5Bn.Image result for Pharma

That certainly would be nice if Obama didn’t unintentionally help Big Pharma perpetuate its crimes, but the handwriting is on the wall. Even though Obama understood the nature and range of the Big Pharma bubble, addressing the concern would delay any motion towards national health treatment in the foreseeable future. That will appear to be too high a politics price tag. What we are seeing is surely an effort to prop up the top Pharma bubble with enough spending to keep it going lengthy enough to put into action drastic healthcare reform. Unfortunately, the reform is not based on any monetarily sustainable model of quality care. The question is not will the bubble burst open, the question is when.

Despite being a medical or pharma company your website should still be created and designed using the same techniques as a site for any other industry. Pharma web design browse website, similar to other, needs to work hard promoting your brand, have a defined call to action, display your articles and industry knowledge and appeal to your target audience, while sticking with any specific codes of practice in your area. Regardless of the industry you are in, medical or otherwise, a good website should help satisfy your marketing and business goals, while not absent out on incorporating the creative flair that lots of pharma sites seems to lack these days.

For some, pharma webdevelopment is a confusing minefield and it may help to work with an agency who are experts in the area of medical websites development. The benefits associated with working with experienced designers in the pharma web design industry means they will know precisely what opportunities are open to you also, understand the restrictions you face.

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The rate of late-stage clinical failure of biotech-developed drugs is much greater than those developed at pharma. One reason for this difference could be that frequently biotech has to make do with lower funding levels. Pharma’s change of in-licensing to previously stages will allow better funding for promising programs, resulting in higher rates of approval and higher ultimate payoffs for biotech as well. In such forces, biotech needs to cede control over the development process and accept pharma’s overriding decision-making expectations despite the perceived slower speed at pharma.

The author of this article, Christoph Pittius, Ph. D., is a pharma/biotech business development and licensing executive with an extended track record of success in initiating and assessing pharmaceutical technology and product licensing opportunities, as well as structuring, negotiating and closing strategic licensing dealings between pharma and biotech companies.