Hey guys! I am an early adopter and a very disappointed Openledger investor. You understand it’s a little change focusing on Bitshares blockchain. And it’s their correct copycat. Personally, i was investing approx. $20K within their shitty coins (Obits, ICOO etc. ) which now have very nearly zero liquidity. I can not also sell them at a huge loss.
In short. Last year Ronny Boesing scam, a self-titled Danish Bitcoin founder and CEO of Openledger has released the starts of 4 new jobs, specifically: Ocash, Apptrade, Getgame and Edev encouraging the brilliant potential of each. Since then and until now nothing of the projects is stay, each one is useless, 2 sites are also closed. Continually asking about their recent status I only obtain boring excuses from Mr Boesing. Month by month, just bad reasons and nothing more. Here is what a cheated investor wrote about this event:

It’s apparent to everyone else they have been employing their possess funds to raise thresholds on all those inadequate projects. There have been no any Asian investors, all things are completely made-up, almost all their claims are fully fabricated. Today their particular tokens fell in price significantly, their change daily trading quantity is in deepest decrease, slipped from $2–3M each day to small $100–300K.

All investors asking about the called jobs on the Telegram class (now closed) are called spammers and trolls distributing fud. Each of them have already been barred from the group.

The case. I recently noticed their announcement they become somebody with Nexgen One LLC – Nextgen.one. And OL calls it self the project adviser, see here: Geneos.io

Glancing within the partner’s page (nextgen.one) I quickly recognized a forgery. The telephone figures, member profiles, social support systems are faked. Searching over the manufacturer on the web produced nothing. The organization simply doesn’t exist. Real con! Effectively, I started asking questions on their Telegram party about the challenge, and you know what? I obtained barred from the class as numerous others. Here are a few excerpts from our correspondence:

Have you observed that? I was only trying to conduct my own due persistence wondering important questions and what’s the outcome? I was banned.

Going forward. What exactly we actually have: no business living, number true people behind the task, no social support systems connected, number actual contact info, nothing! The domain name Nextgen.io has registered merely a month before, actually 2 weeks later than ICO on Geneos.io has begun!

The blockchain 4.0 they are attempting to exalt is the exact copy of EOS blockchain, go through the FAQ area! Hi people, this is the REAL SCAM!

I’m today doing the correct paperwork and the papers will soon be presented to US SEC, FINRA, internet authorities and other authority institutes. Certainly, the Openledger today in dreadful require of money. Lately they’ve also experienced a domain hijack (as they state so) and a lot of customers have lost the unnamed sum of money. The OpenLedger tries to help keep it key and is currently enjoying for time with the fooled investors. Why knows, perhaps they did the hijack independently? It appears so.

All issues about compromised records and taken funds are only cleaned out without any answers on the OL end! People keep asking concerning the missing coins but all needs turn out to be taken off the talk immediately. That’s more they now closed the class and opened a Telegram route, so now nobody has the capacity to ask vital questions about their recent and approaching fraudulent projects.

Below you may see how investors are unhappy by OL:

The underside range is no one may ever purchase their particular crappy projects. As they missing trust no body will account the above-mentioned jobs because they are their very own ones. They are trying to cover who behind the projects is, but it’s distinct as your day: they are operating equally sites.

So the expected probability is: they are going to acquire all the Geneos ICO’s income and since they are just so-called advisers they will be attempting to disclaim responsibility. All investor’s resources should go down the drain.

I’m already a cheated investor and today want to advise the others: do your own personal due persistence prior to purchasing such sort of shitty coins. And by no way do not purchase Openledger and in all their related inadequate projects. Tag my words: you will lose your money like me and thousands of others! My goal is not to get my expense back but those who are eligible to it and to greatly help potential victims as well.

The OL dev team (the organization called Aetsoft light emitting diode by Nick Grebenkine) is amateurish and non-professional, continually receiving a great deal of negative feedback from discouraged users. And it’s distinct the Nextgen.one and Geneos.io are their own new projects.

Interesting, proper? Standard data, standard associates, fake people. Aetsoft and Openledger can’t even setup a real-looking website.. But they’re seeking to gather your resources, guys! BTW, on the picture above is Alexander Landa, originally when simply clicking his account on the main page you can see that info. And this page still exists.

Further, following some study on the internet I then found out Ronny Boesing is only a frontman of Openledger, the actual owner seems to be Nikolai Grebenkine therefore please be informed as almost all their companies may be closed any time and new kinds will come on, however the people to their rear will stay the same. These were also running CCEDK change (renamed to Openledger) which had already been labelled as a scam.