If you are interested in two particular fields of study, such as law and nursing, have you ever considered the fact that you can merge the two? This is best shown in the career of a legal nurse consultant. Nurses who have a passion for law can use their medical background to assist in legal proceedings. If this type of career peaks your interest, read on to find out more.

Legal nurse consultants have the advantage (as well as disadvantage) of merging two different fields of study: law and medicine. As long as you have worked as a registered nurse for at least 5 years, you can choose to become a legal nurse consultant. These types of consultants are able to provide assistance to attorneys by interpreting medical documents and explaining any medical-related issues nurse consultant jobs pertain to their case. They are also able to provide their services as expert witnesses on the stand, if necessary, so these nurses are very well trained.

Being well versed in the field of medicine is absolutely a requirement for this career path. Since lawyers are not usually learned in the field of medicine, they need consultants who know the ins and outs of healthcare, especially when it comes to legal issues regarding medical insurance. As legal nurse consultants have worked as registered nurses for at least 5 years prior to their work for attorneys, they have the knowledge from their schooling and job to show they are capable of being considered the experts.

It is important to know that legal nurse consulting does not require a legal education. In this way, legal nurse consulting is very different from the work of paralegals, who are required to study law. Instead of studying law, these nurses will usually attend legal seminars, especially those related to medico-legal information.

Salaries for legal nurse consultants are usually paid by the hour, at a rate of anywhere between $100 to $250 an hour. Working in this field can be very lucrative, and although there is much to learn, you would find it difficult to combine law and medicine in a better way. The downfall that many nurses talk about is that there is not much patient interaction in this type of job. If you enjoy being around patients and helping people directly, this kind of job is probably not right for you. There are several other ways to get involved in the legal system, if that is what you want. Working with patients is more of a sidebar when it comes to legal nurse consulting.