The masses are adopting the lifestyle of a digital nomad. Traveling has become a major factor in earning for different nations and so increased the importance of the portable gadgets. These gadgets range from smartphones, laptops, etc. and trips are joyless without such gadgets. But the problem exists when your attention moves from focusing on your lifestyle towards the inactivity of your gadgets. Your productivity cuts down by a huge margin all of sudden to which you find yourself quite helpless. But no sweat as we provide a few tips to keep up with that desired lifestyle.


Below we have provided with a few solutions through which you may increase the life of your laptop’s battery and thus improve your experience.

Limit your Tabs:

Browsers are something that every laptop has, and without one, the laptop seems useless. But as they say that ‘too much of anything is poison’ is true to its core. We are the victims of our creation as we open our browser, open excessive tabs (while using only a few) and forget to close them. This step saps the life out of your computer’s battery and thus limits your productivity. No one can survive on one or two tabs, that’s understood, but using way too many tabs is the main issue. If you limit your tabs to five, six your battery life would improve. Few tabs, few sources, least battery consumption.

Keep your PC cool:

Both Mac and PC overheat quickly, and it may take a bit long for MacBook battery to return to a safe temperature. This happens quite often when you’re using your laptop, and suddenly you see a notification saying ‘your PC is too hot operate.’

Also, using extra fans means that your battery is draining excessively. Go ahead and enjoy the sun but try to keep your device under a shade.

Avoid multitasking:

Multitasking is related to productivity as the more we work, the better the outcome. Most of the users listen to songs while working on a project, assignment, etc. as it helps in focusing but the same cannot be said for your PC as it’s battery is also draining twice as much.

What you can do is focus on one task and not start another until the first task is finished. Doing so would limit the drainage of your battery life where you could be more productive.

Make the most out of your PC:

Being a digital nomad is never easy and requires a lot of hard work. One must have the ability to manage various processes while using very little input. The least you should do is worry about your PC and gadgets as such worry only cuts down your productivity. Here you’re on your own having little or no input from others. In addition, you may opt for the best data security software for desktop to eliminate all unnecessary threats. The nature of the software solely depends upon the stuff you deal with. For example, if you occasionally visit sites that are too populated or are not HTTPS secured, try keeping all of your data under one roof (using one of the top encryption softwares). This would prevent anyone from taking or intervening with your data.


What’s up for taking?

Hence, you must invest your time most efficiently to make sure your productivity doesn’t get affected. We hope that you get more of your seconds, minutes and hours out of every charge. Spent lesser time in with an outlet and invest your major time in living the life you’ve always dreamed of being a digital nomad.