NCERT is the autonomous institution of the Indian Government which was established in 1961. The objective behind it is to design high-quality books for the students at the primary and secondary levels. CBSE board and 14 other schools have adopted NCERT textbooks as the curriculum. The Class X and XII exams of the CBSE board play an important role in the life of students as it builds a perfect path to their career. These exams are conducted at the national level, and the experience gained by the students while appearing for these exams is an important takeaway.

Among the board exam aspirants, there is a common question as to how to score remarkable marks? Well, it is very important for the students to choose the right study material in this aspect. Many students waste their time in choosing the correct material and score less marks. For this reason, the NCERT has prepared accurate and highly knowledgeable books based on the curriculum and guidelines of the CBSE board. These books contain the required information to help students attain a good score in the final exams.

Why are the NCERT Books important for the board exams?

NCERT books are not only sufficient for the board exams but also help in competitive exam preparation. Students will be able to perform well in exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET etc.

  1. NCERT Books are prescribed by the CBSE board

The main reason why students need to follow the NCERT Books is that it is prescribed by the CBSE board. The books are completely curated in a way that students will get a good knowledge of the syllabus. All the important concepts are discussed in a simple language to improve the analytical and logical skills of the students.

  1. Accurate information

The information provided in the NCERT Books is carefully researched and designed by the highly experienced faculty in the respective field. The main aim of providing textbooks is to help students grasp the concepts irrespective of their intelligence quotient. The topics covered are 100% trustworthy to help the students ace well in the final exams.

  1. Strengthens the knowledge of fundamental concepts

All the basic concepts are covered in the NCERT books in order to help the students understand the topics from the start. These books also help the students understand the application of various concepts in our daily lives. By doing this, students will be able to answer the tricky questions that would be asked in the competitive exams as well.

  1. Numerous examples to practise

In subjects like Mathematics and Science, NCERT Books contain various examples on each and every concept. By practising these problems, students will obtain a strong foundation of the basic concepts that are crucial from the exam perspective. It also enhances the problem-solving ability of students, which is necessary to attain good marks in the CBSE board exams.

The above-mentioned are the reasons why NCERT Books are sufficient to score higher marks in the final exams. If students are not able to answer the questions from the textbook, they can make use of the reference books like NCERT Solutions which are online. Both online and offline formats of solutions are available, which can be accessed for free by the students. These solutions also help in saving students time to search for the right answer for a particular question.