Here are seven fantastic resources that can make all the difference to your startup in New South Wales.

Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces provide a flexible and low-cost workspace for startups, freelancers, and solo entrepreneurs who don’t want to deal with the headache of maintaining a whole office space. They also have the added benefit of allowing you to network with possible partners, clients, and even mentors.

Tank Stream Labs, Workit Spaces, and Hub Sydney are among Sydney’s burgeoning network of co-working spaces. Beyond the harbour, there’s Manly’s The Manly Hub, Byron Bay’s StartInno Coworking and Incubator facility, CoWS Near The Coast if you’re near Bega, and Coffs Harbour’s Six Degrees. Working Spaces HQ in Wagga Wagga and Possum Works in the border town of Albury, to mention a couple, are both located farther inland. To check at choices around you, use The Fetch to discover a very thorough list of the workspaces that are on offer.

If you live in the Hunter Valley or Newcastle, there is a burgeoning startup ecosystem, with more and more co-working spaces springing up, particularly in the Newcastle area. Innx, a bigger place with two locations, and Eighteen04 are two co-working spaces in Newcastle. You might also visit the Dantia Smart Hub if you live near Charlestown.

Make sure you do your research by looking for solutions in your area that meet your demands and are within your budget. All you need is a simple Internet search.

Government Assistance

The Business Connect NSW website includes a number of tools to assist you in starting, growing, and managing your business, including information on hiring a business adviser and local events and seminars on topics ranging from social media to insurance and tax responsibilities.

Through the state-run innovation platform Jobs for NSW, the NSW government offers a variety of incentives to assist entrepreneurs get off the ground, as well as mentorship and incubation to help turn ideas into businesses. The website also offers material specifically for startups and enterprises in regional NSW; have a look to see what’s on offer for initiatives outside Sydney.

The Federal Government offers a variety of assistance programmes, including the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, which connects participants with a network of advisors and mentors to help them enhance their competitiveness, productivity, and growth goals.

You might check into New Company Assistance with NEIS, a free programme that provides business mentorship and assistance across the country. New Business Assistance is offered in a number of places around New South Wales. If you receive income assistance, you may be eligible for the NEIS allowance.

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) has developed a new online resource to assist prospective Australian company owners in getting their venture off the ground. The Establishing a Company Guide is a step-by-step guide that will help new business owners in Australia understand what to expect when starting a business.

Finally, whether you live in the Hunter Valley or the Newcastle area, you may reach out to the local Entrepreneur Facilitator. Entrepreneurship Facilitators are pleasant and experienced business professionals who offer free, individualised, and customised assistance to help you establish your business.

Startup incubators and accelerator programmes

NSW is a swarm of startup activity, which means there are several possibilities to turn your concept into a successful business. This includes accelerators, which attempt to quickly double down on a successful company concept, and incubators, which take a newly hatched idea and help turn it into a thriving firm. Both sorts of programmes are often held throughout the formative weeks, months, or years of a company’s life cycle, and their duration varies depending on the stage of the company and the programme.

Accelerators like Cicada Innovations, which focuses on technology startups, and muru-D, which operates a programme in Sydney, assist NSW small business operators that have already established a firm in taking it to the next level and ensuring its long-term viability. Organizations like BlueChilli and INCUBATE, on the other hand, focus on offering mentorship throughout the early phases of development, with access to advisers and specialists who can assist create from the bottom up, as well as seed capital, workspace, and connections to professional networks in the region.

On a national level, there are many more accelerator and incubator programmes available, as well as a plethora of options. The nice aspect is that most programmes aren’t as focused on your location as they are with your concept. However, be sure you can commit to taking time off to engage in a programme. If that isn’t a deterrent, conduct a search for all of the programmes that are open to you, check the criteria, and submit your application.

Internet-based Groups

Whether you work remotely or live in a big city, online or social media networks are a great way to remain connected and learn about local events and opportunities. The Sydney Startups Facebook group, for example, facilitates networking among like-minded entrepreneurs and small company owners. To get started, look for organisations in your area on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Why not start one that’s right for you NSW small business if there isn’t one near you?


Hack-a-thons are gatherings where people from all walks of life get together to develop innovative digital solutions to common problems—and they aren’t only for technology or automation challenges. With a little online research or a look at specific listings like #HackAUS or DisruptersCo, you can locate hack-a-thons relevant to you and your industry.

The media and the news

For up-to-date information on opportunities and events, try joining up for the email list of sites like Pro Bono News Australia. Similarly, your local Indigenous radio station may help you keep informed about what’s going on in your community. A list of licenced stations may be found here.

Resources for indigenous entrepreneurs

Members of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce get access to a variety of services, including incubation programmes, business opportunities, networking events, and training. Some of these chances are free, while others have a fee, so check their website to see if it’s appropriate for you.

Have you checked your NSW business insurance requirements? You may require public liability insurance NSW depending on the business you operate and the hazards you foresee. Public liability insurance can cover the expenses of pay-outs and legal fees if your firm is sued by a members of the public, customer, or clients (but not an employee). A workplace accident or one involving your company’s activities may be covered by public liability insurance.